About Me

First of all, Hi and Welcome to my page.


Foto 11.09.15, 18 19 24
Self Portrait at Fish Hoek, with the sunset in the background, near Cape Town.

My name is Alimaan N. I am a 25 y/o student living in Germany. I am becoming an Audiovisual Media Designer.




My biggest hobby is photography.

Growing up, i never knew what my future will look like. I was never that kid, who’s got the best marks or the best performance in sports or behaved the best in school. I was more of a just-gotta-pass kinda guy. Religion is really important to me, because my parents raised me as muslim. Now you can call it luck or Gods help, but everything worked out pretty well somehow.

As a muslim i was thought that i should believe in God, that he has different plans for my life and with my actions and my moral i, myself choose which of them its gonna be. Now wondering what i will be in the future i started studying teaching. Unfortunately it wasn’t as fulfilling as i thought it would be. So i started to travel the world. I saved up some money while i had uni and in the holidays i would travel the world. That is how i found my passion of traveling. No to capture the moment i took pictures, and that is how i got to photography. So i improved my tools and my skills and traveled more and more. I know there are moments you cannot catch with the camera, you gotta feel them, but the rest of them i’ll they to fit in my small camera.

I don’t know when exactly i started to create pictures instead of just taking them. But this grew up to be my passion and this is what ia fulfilling me in life. But as i said im still a Hobby Photographer so i need your advice and your opinion to make this work for me. Help me becoming a better photographer so that we can help others to see the world from our perspective,